Amplify Your Impact: Fundraise with Custom T-Shirts

How do T-Shirts help your fundraiser

Raising Funds Directly

Selling custom t-shirts allows you to generate direct revenue, with the price of each shirt contributing to your fundraising goals.

Building Awareness

Custom t-shirts act as walking advertisements, spreading awareness about your cause every time someone wears one.

Creating a sense of community

Wearing matching t-shirts fosters a sense of unity and belonging among supporters, encouraging them to feel more connected to your cause.

Attracting new supporters

Eye-catching designs can attract the attention of potential new supporters who might not have been aware of your fundraiser otherwise.

providing lasting value

Unlike some other forms of fundraising, t-shirts offer a tangible, lasting product that supporters can use and enjoy, which can increase their willingness to contribute.

Two Ways for Valkyrie Made to help your Fundraiser

Pop Up Online Store

A pop-up online store can boost your t-shirt fundraiser by expanding your reach, allowing supporters from anywhere to conveniently purchase t-shirts 24/7. It reduces overhead costs, offers scalability, and integrates seamlessly with social media and email campaigns for better promotion. Additionally, it provides valuable data on customer preferences, streamlines inventory management, and can offer customization options to enhance supporter engagement and satisfaction.

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Order Directly

Ordering shirts directly from Valkyrie Made for your fundraiser ensures you receive high-quality, custom-designed apparel tailored to your cause. Our streamlined process allows for easy ordering and quick turnaround, helping you kickstart your fundraising efforts with minimal hassle. Valkyrie Made offers a range of design options and sizes to meet your needs, ensuring your supporters receive stylish, comfortable shirts that they’ll love to wear, amplifying both your fundraising and your message.

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